Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Dr. Isabel Madzorera is a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Global Health and Population at the Harvard School of Public Health. Isabel holds a doctoral degree (ScD) in Nutrition Epidemiology from Harvard University, a Master’s degree from Tufts University and a BSc degree in Nutrition from the University of Zimbabwe. Isabel is a global nutrition and epidemiology professional with more than 14 years’ experience working with UNICEF, international and local NGOs, government agencies, and academia/research institutions on maternal and child nutrition and nutrition-sensitive agriculture. Her interests are in the intersection of food systems and sustainable diets, and their impact on nutrition for women and children. Her expertise includes conducting research on maternal and child health in developing countries, and evaluations of maternal and child diet quality and their associations with poor maternal and child health outcomes. Isabel also has extensive field experience working on maternal and child nutrition and nutrition-sensitive agriculture programming in sub-Saharan Africa. Her work has been published in several high-impact scientific journals.