Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Board Of Trustees

CAFP is governed as a Trust with Board of Trustees and management run in line with international best practice. The Board of Trustees comprise of members from government, private sector, civil society, regional and international research and academic institutions. This configuration ensures that all interest groups are represented.

The Board of Trustees oversee the operations of the CAFP, set the broad policy and strategic direction of the Center as well as sets the guidelines, rules and procedures under which the institution operates. The Trustee Deed helps guide the Board of Trustees oversight of CAFP.

Day to day management of CAFP

CAFP’s day to day activities and programmes are managed by a highly qualified team headed by the Chief Executive Officer. When fully operational, CAFP will have three departments, namely Finance and Administration; Research, Outreach, Programmes and Capacity Building; and Business Development and Innovation.

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