Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Promoting Sustained Growth in Grain Subsectors in Zimbabwe: Exchange Infrastructure Can Be Transformative

The Zimbabwe Mercantile Exchange (ZMX) was officially launched on the 30th of April 2021 as an initiative which can help in transforming the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe. This policy advisory note discusses what is required to ensure that key actors in agricultural value chains in the country including especially smallholder farmers, can obtain maximum benefits from the operations of ZMX……….


Position Paper on the Inclusion of Biofortified Crops in Government’s Input Support Programs

Access to quality seed of the appropriate crops and varieties that are nutrient dense, high yielding and drought tolerant is a key pillar for food and nutrition security. Government input support programs play a critical role in ensuring food self-sufficiency by distributing seeds and fertilizer to rural households across the country.……….

Prioritising SDRs Drawdowns for supporting the Horticulture Export Revolving Fund in Zimbabwe

The development of the horticulture sector value chains requires the availability of financial resources to support working capital requirements to fund day to day operations and reliable medium to long-term financing for capital infrastructure investments such as cold chains, pack houses, feeder roads among others..……….

A Business Model for Participation by The Grain Marketing Board in the Proposed Warehouse Receipts System in Zimbabwe: An Exploratory Review

As the single largest storage operator in the country, the GMB is likely to emerge as the lead actor in offering storage services to individuals, groups and firms under the WRS. However, its strategic role in grain marketing as well as in the implementation of the Government’s national food security policy, may create potential policy-related stumbling blocks which may slow down or even impeded the development of the WRS as well as ZMX...……….

Useful Plants of Zimbabwe With Potential as Smallholder Crops: Towards the Development of a National Bioeconomy Strategy

Zimbabwe is blessed with an exceptional abundance of natural biodiversity. However, the potential contribution of biodiversity to the national economy has historically been largely ignored…….


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