Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy


In general, CAFP seeks five broad types of funding as follows:

  1. Long-term strategic funding;
  2. Long-term specific research topic funding;
  3. Short-term work plan related assignments;
  4. Short-term other agricultural/rural development assignments; and
  5. Staff member co-opted into a team/mission/consortium.

CAFP has adopted a programme-led funding model to guarantee financial sustainability. This model ensures that CAFP is more proactive in its resource mobilisation strategy. This is done through research, technical assistance support as the lead agricultural Think Tank in Zimbabwe and provision of advisory services to both public and private sector. CAFP provides technical support to programmes and projects in terms of research evidence generation as well as curate the lessons learnt and evidence generated to influence agricultural policy and private sector investment and strategic thinking. CAFP’s relationship with partners is characterized by a shared vision, knowledge sharing, mutual respect and accountability.

Through its Business Development and Innovation department, the Centre innovatively caters for the increasing demand for general and investigative studies related to agriculture and rural livelihoods development from different stakeholders including; Government departments, international agencies, donor-funded projects, Non-Governmental Organizations, private sector organizations and individuals. These services will continue to be tailored to the needs of each particular client for specific time periods, based on agreed terms of reference. The Center also competes in both national and international consultancy markets by responding to requests for proposals either on its own, or through collaborative partnerships and/or consortia.

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