Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Ambassador Mubi is an educationist and career diplomat who have represented Zimbabwe in a number of countries as well as being the country’s Permanent Representative to FAO, WFP and IFAD.  She is currently the Senior Principal Director in the Department of Public Affairs and Knowledge Management, Office of the President and Cabinet were she is responsible for the development of policies and strategies in the area of community development, service delivery, knowledge management and public affairs and communication. Ambassador Mubi also chairs the multi-stakeholder platforms for the development of exhibitions to show case various government programmes and was responsible for coordinating the development of Service Delivery Charters by government ministries, the ZIMASSET communication strategy, the Ease of Doing Business Initiative and the National Branding Initiative for the Government of Zimbabwe.


Between 1995 and 2014 she held ambassadorial posts in Namibia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Italy. Whilst being Zimbabwe’s Permanent Representative in Rome she was instrumental in coordinating the interface between the African Group of Ambassadors, regional groups, donor countries and key stakeholders in negotiations on international instruments within the context of food and agriculture. Prior to that Ambassador Mubi held various post in government among them being the Deputy Secretary, Political affairs in the President’s Office and the Ministry of Community Development and Women’s Affairs. She also sat on a number of boards, including the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe (IDC) and also being chairperson of its subsidiaries Optimus Zimbabwe Ltd. and Communications Company of Zimbabwe Ltd.


Ambassador Mubi hold a Master of Education (M.Ed.) from Boston University, Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Nottingham University and a Diploma in Teaching from Bishop Grosseteste College, United Kingdom.