Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Impact of COVID-19 on Agricultural Food Systems in Zimbabwe – Food Procurement and Sales

COVID-19 disrupted food markets in a number of ways including supply of produce to the main markets and movement challenges by both farmers and traders...……..

Minimizing the impacts of COVID – 19 in Zimbabwe: Strategies for the Fruit and Vegetable Markets in Zimbabwe

Fruits and vegetable production, supply and distribution will be negatively impacted due to the restrictions in movement through social distancing and the national lockdown...……..

On-farm Moringa based chicken feed, Biochar based natural fertilizer, Erthnovet tick and theileriosis control in Zimbabwe

Moringa based chicken feed a potential agro-ecology practice that can increase the production of indigenous and broiler chickens...……..

Indigenous Plants and a National Bioeconomy Strategy – Unlocking a New Opportunity for Zimbabwe

The Bioeconomy is the knowledge-based production and utilization of biological resources, innovative biological processes and principles to sustainably provide goods and services across all economic sectors....……..


Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector is characterized by over a million smallholder farming households. The majority of the smallholder farmers have very small landholding sizes, which impact on their ability to produce a maize surplus for sale. Over 50 percent of the maize sales in Zimbabwe is accounted for by between 4.4 and 6.2 percent of the farmers...……..

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