Centre For Agriculture and Food Policy

Warehouse Receipt System Investment Plan for Zimbabwe

In the period September 2020-March 2021, Zimbabwe piloted the regulated warehouse receipts system as a precursor to the establishment of a commodity exchange……….

Biofortification: Policy Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations for Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has the necessary policy frameworks and multi-sectoral platforms to accelerate the use of biofortified staple crops in order to enhance food and nutrition security……..

Unblocking supply of Agricultural finance in Zimbabwe: Reviewing cases involving risk-mitigating mechanism

Contracts with farmers should be incentive-compatible to allow the farmer to get the best possible price for both inputs and outputs.……..

Smallholder Productivity and Subsidies: Policy Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations for Zimbabwe

The majority of smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe cultivate very small plots, with 40-52 percent cultivating less than 1 hectare (Ha) and 70-75 percent cultivating less than 2Ha.……..

Impact of COVID-19 on Food Systems in Zimbabwe - Experiences from urban and rural households

The COVID-19 pandemic eroded incomes and livelihoods for both rural and urban households, resulting in many households increasing own food production as a response strategy..……..

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